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  • Garden statue creative life size frog statue

    Creative garden statues for sale.

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  • Installation of animatronic dinosaurs in shopping mall

    Our dinosaur went to Chengdu last week.

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  • Life size cartoon fiberglass statues of resin rabbit statue

    New products come,these rabbit statues will be sent to overseas for park decoration.

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  • Attractive small animal cow statue for park decoration

    These cute cows come,do you like them?you can take them home.

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  • Animated cartoon character statue life size Doraemon

    These Doraemon statues are playing on the grass.

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  • Animal park attractive resin elephant sculpture in life size

    We can provide you with all knid animatronic animal models and fiberglass animal sculptures.

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  • playground outdoor resin life size fairy statue

    They are all from fairy tales and are popular with kids.

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  • Marine park decoration fiberglass tortoise statue

    These tortoise statues will be sent to Malaysia for park decoration.

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  • Playground exhibition life size cartoon statues

    There are many different cartoon statues for you choose.

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  • Theme event decorative cartoon figures of smurfs statue

    The supplier of fiberglass statues with large quantity,and customization product is welcome.

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