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  • Outdoor dinosaur exhibition real size robotic dinosaur

    Do you want to know what the dinosaurs looked like? we bring the animatronic dinosaur back to life.

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  • Children park attarctive fiberglass colorful octopus statue

    Water park decorative vivid octopus model for sale.

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  • Creative garden statue fiberglass cartoon sculpture

    We specialized in exporting all kinds of creative outdoor decoration statues, and movie figures, animals, cartoon characters, marine animals could be customized.

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  • Radio control dinosaur type realistic dinosaur exhibition

    Have you ever seen the real dinosaur?today we're showing you some realistic artificial dinosaurs.

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  • Theme park cartoon figures sculpture decorative

    We manufacture and export decorative fiberglass sculptures of different shape, color and size according to customers requirements.

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  • Grass playground realistic animatronic dinosaur display

    From there you can look straight down to the animatronic dinosaur displayed on the playground below with different scenes. We can see the cruel conflict in the ancient. The phenomenon of " nature choice" seem to be correct.

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  • Outdoor statue cute cartoon handmade penguin sculpture

    "Hei, let me see the penguin outdoor statues!! Here" We can see the beautiful color that attract our attention. This is our new products for outdoor fiberglass statues. Welcome to inspect the quanlity of penguin statues.

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  • Life size animals model radio control snails

    Simulated snails can move their antennae with alive sounds by infrared control.

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  • Amusement park decoration life size animatronic dinosaur t-rex

    Today, we show a type of dinosaur t-rex for you. It can has a series of movements, such as moving eyes, tail, etc.. Because of these movements, we can see a alive ancient animal-dinosaur. Please to witness this technology in our company.

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  • Jurassic park dinosaur model giant animatronic dinosaur

    Waterproof silicone rubber dinosaur for sale,and there are many kinds of dinosaurs,including T-rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus,etc.

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