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Shanghai YiFeng Dinosaur Show

author : Sienna comefrom : Zigong Boyi Art Co., Ltd. date : 09-13-2017

       Exhibit time:2015/11/07-2015/11/22

       The sponsoring organization: Shanghai Yifeng Co., Ltd and Fengjie Dizhou Industry Limited Company.

       Co-Organizer: The top Dinosaur Factory in China, Zigong City Boyi Art Co., Ltd.

       It showed more than 10 pieces of dinosaur in The prehistoric Jurassic period to shock visitor’s vision and auditory sence. This dinosaur show displayed high quality dinosaur the first time combining ornamental value, enjoyment, science education and interactivity. This activity showed a form of theme park “ Yifeng Jurassic Dinosaur Park”. Visitors witnessed and firsthand experienced newfangled giant movable dinosaur, artificial dinosaur fossils, dinosaur specimen, laying eggs dinosaur, etc.




Add : Shuping Industry Zone, Ziliujing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China.

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