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  • Simulated Animals Show in Chongqing Nanping

    Simulated Animals Show in Chongqing Nanping Xingguang Times Square: 2013/08/01-2013/08/15

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  • Dinosaur Exhibition (Vientiane International City) in Zunyi

    Dinosaur Exhibition (Vientiane International City) in Zunyi
    Exhibit Add: The middle of Xi Street, Nanbai town, Zunyi country.
    Exhibit scale: artificial dinosaur, simulated dinosaur fossils and fossils specimens, in total 35.
    Exhibit time: 1th May - 31th May in 2016

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  • Shanghai YiFeng Dinosaur Show

    Exhibit time:2015/11/07-2015/11/22
    The sponsoring organization: Shanghai Yifeng Co., Ltd and Fengjie Dizhou Industry Limited Company.
    Co-Organizer: The top Dinosaur Factory in China, Zigong City Boyi Art Co., Ltd.
    It showed more than 10 pieces of dinosaur in The prehistoric Jurassic period to shock visitor’s vision and auditory sence. This dinosaur show displayed high quality dinosaur the first time combining ornamental value, enjoyment, science education and interactivity. This activity showed a form of theme park “ Yifeng Jurassic Dinosaur Park”. Visitors witnessed and firsthand experienced newfangled giant movable dinosaur, artificial dinosaur fossils, dinosaur specimen, laying eggs dinosaur, etc.

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  • International Shopping Mall Dinosaur Exhibit in Yifeng, Kaizhou

    Large fantastic dinosaur exhibition that everyone payed more attention to "Returing Jurassic Period" inaugurated yesterday. Some of you be all eagerness to see it. If you were not see it, you will see it because this activity end in 1th March, 2016.

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  • Dinosaur Park in Jiulong Mountain of Wuzhou Guangxi

    The ecological farm regards green, ecology and environmental protection as the goal. The large-scale intensive agriculture company combines agricultural production and tourism through the effective utilization of resources as arrier, technology and innovation as supporter,and marketization as measture. Guangxi Wuzhou Jiulong Mountain creates an agricultural ecological Dinosaur Park is one of the new eco farms with sightseeing. There are ornamental dinosaurs as well as dinosaurs who can be rided. Visitors not only comprehend some knowledge of dinosaur, but also play dinosaurs.

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  • Spring Festivital Dinosaur Exhibition

    Spring Festivital Dinosaur Exhibition in Huili Town, Liangshan 2016
    Add: Yingbing Road Nu148, Longteng park, Huili Town, Liangshan City.
    Time: 2016/02/05-2016/02/22
    Sponsor: Huili Hongyuan Mining Industry Co,.Ltd.
    Co-organizer: Zigong Boyi Art Co,.Ltd

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  • Dinosaur Adventure in Situ Town 2016

    There is a miraculous enchanted manor with various scenes and dreams that children love in childhood. Enchanted manor inlcudes Happy Farm, Sunshine Ranch, Dinosaur Fairyland, Robot Exhibit, Bug Valley and Dreamlike Sandbeach. Children bring their dreams into reality. Children enjoy themselves with panters and have a good time, growing up in a happy atmosphere.

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  • Dinosaur Exhibition in Yiwu International Trade, Bijie City

    Dinosaur Exhibition in Yiwu International Trade, Bijie City

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  • Chongqing Foreigner’s Street Dino Park

    Some dinosaurs are nodding visitors; some are foraging with their partners; some carnivorous dinosaurs are fighting for non-carnivorous dinosaurs, etc in dinosaur park. To display different stories, we chose various compound mode. Dinosaur fossils models are copied by high simulation technology in proportion(1:1) according to real dinosaur fossils. Visitors learn some knowledge as well as simulate experts how to excavate fossils.

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  • Bi Fengxia wildlife park

    Bi Fengxia wildlife?park located in Yaan district whose air quality is good and wildlife animals are rich in sources. It’s not only the first wildlife park in Xinan district, but also the first wildlife park in China set up by Chengdu Wanguan properties incorporated?company.

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